More and More Young Professionals Are Buying Homes These Days. Here’s How To Make Your Home Enticing To Them

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Actually, selling any home can be challenging, depending on the market. Even if your house is gorgeous, highly-sought after, and in a wonderful neighborhood. But…more and more younger people are buying houses. So you’re going to have to figure out how to make your home appeal to buyers in their twenties and thirties.

It shouldn’t cost you a lot of money, if you know what to do. Below are some of the steps you should take in order to make your home enticing to the young professionals. Check out: Should You Buy or Rent Your Next Home?

The first thing you should do is get a pre-inspection done on your house. Many sellers wonder how much money they should put in when they sell a house. If you get a pre-inspection, you’ll be able to see if there are any real issues (other than aesthetics) that you should be putting money into before you sell the house. Don’t forget to get the AC systems cleaned and up-to-date, and have any plumbing sfloorplan04_smallcomp_colorcoded02ystems looked at to make sure they’re in perfect working order.

Get a home warranty! Buyers love warranties. This is one of their favorite features. Usually, younger buyers have the money to buy a house, but not extra money to fix things that might break soon after they move in. See: Young Professionals Contemplate the Rent vs. Buy Debate.

Get a warranty that will cover any repairs needed for the AC system, electrical work, or any plumbing work. They usually don’t cost a whole lot (a few hundred bucks, max) and will give buyers peace of mind, as well as more willingness to purchase the house. Their biggest fear is things going wrong shortly after moving in. Ease their mind by spending the few hundred dollars required to get a home warranty for them, it’ll make all the difference. Nancy-Price-House-Beautiful

Deduct renovation expenses from the list price. If your home has some work that needs to be done, tell them you’ll knock the work off the sale price. There’s no need to renovate the kitchen if they want to do it a particular way. If you know the kitchen is dated, ask the buyers to come to you with the plan they’d like, and offer to take some (or all of it) off the sale price. See: Why Buying a Home is a Smart Investment for Millennials.


Take a good look at your floors. Do they need to be re-done? Younger buyers don’t want to fool with having to replace or re-sand floors. Actually, buyers of any age don’t want to have to fool with this. If your floors are looking worn, or dull, re-finish them. It shouldn’t cost a whole lot depending on how many rooms, and what type of floor. Doesn’t hurt to get a quote.

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  1. Hi Liz,

    That would really depend on what work your home needs done to it. If significant repairs need to be done, you should probably consider offering some money for repairs. You don’t ever want to lose a sale over minor problems. If the issues are major, that’s a different story. Discuss with your realtor, and see what she or she thinks! Good luck Liz!

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