Open Houses Can Be Successful For Sellers…As Long As They Make Sure They Aren’t Home During Them!

Open houses can really be successful. In this day and age, many argue that open houses are old-news, and don’t work, since most buyers do their searches on the internet. However, some people do still visit open houses. They can also be successful for sellers, because the most people that come, the more that buyers who are interested get nervous that they’ll not win the house, as they now realize that they have¬†competition. It is very important thatbla sellers stay far away from the house while it is being shown.

The first reason is that their mere presence tends to make buyers feel uncomfortable, and unwelcome. They feel as if they are intruders who have just randomly shown up at someone’s home unexpectedly. Read: The Dirty Secret About Open Houses: They’re Not About Selling Houses.

A buyer needs to be able to go through all cabinets, drawers, small spaces, and closets. With the seller there, they won’t do these things because they will feel uncomfortable. And these things are important. Nobody is going to buy a home without knowing exactly how much storage it has. Therefore, the buyer won’t be able to get a true feel of the house, meaning…you won’t be receiving an offer from them. You being present means that you both lose. See:¬†Holding an Open House? Don’t Make These Huge 7 Mistakes.

You should also make sure that your pets and kids aren’t there during the showing either. Hopefully, its a no-brainer to you that buyers don’t want to deal with your children. They may pretend to think your kids and dogs are cute, but really, they’re already trying to plan their excuse to leave inside their head. It is very important that you leave your kids with the babysitter, bring your dogs and cats to the boarders for the day, and that you be…anywhere else on that day.

Surely you have errands, or appointments, or something of the sort. There’s no excuse for you being there. If you have a good realtor, he or she has probably already stressed the importance of that to you. See:¬†Is an Open House Still a Must-Do When Selling Your Home?

Also, if you are present, the probability that you will talk too much is high. You’ll let things slip that you really shouldn’t, whether it is information about the neighbors, issues with the house, crime…you never know what will come out of your mouth. People tend to reveal too much information in silent or uncomfortable situations, in order to fill the silence.


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  1. I can understand what the article says about how being present for our open house will make buyers uncomfortable. But personally, it makes me uncomfortable to have people in my house when I’m not present..

  2. Hi Angela,

    It is natural that having strangers in your home will make you nervous. You should absolutely hide all valuables such as jewelry and be sure that your realtor is watching carefully. Unfortunately, it really is necessary that you are not present. It truly does make a difference to a buyer; they will be more able to focus on your home and make mental notes than it is with you there. They feel smothered with the owner watching over them.

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